Phone Insurance in Nigeria: All You Need Know

Is there anything like phone insurance in Nigeria? What’s it about? If you’re one of those always asking these questions, perhaps you’re a holder of high-end expensive phones in the country, then looking for how to secure your device, this post is for you.

Phone insurance has become increasingly popular in Nigeria as more people now own expensive smartphones that they want to protect against damage or theft.

This article will provide an overview of phone insurance in Nigeria – the major providers, what they typically cover, how much it costs, tips for getting coverage, and whether it’s ultimately worth it for the average Nigerian smartphone user.

phone Insurance in Nigeria


Smartphone adoption has exploded in Nigeria over the last decade. As of 2023, there were over 223 million telephone connections in the country. Phones from brands like iPhone, Samsung, Redmi, Tecno, Infinix and others have become ubiquitous especially in major cities like Lagos and Abuja.

However, these phones don’t come cheap. The latest iPhones cost between ₦700,000 to ₦1,500,000. High-end Androids like the Samsung S23 Ultra cost upwards of ₦850,000. For the average Nigerian these prices represent a significant investment. One that could leave you saddled with debt should anything go wrong.

Damages, theft, loss and other issues pose a lurking danger for any smartphone user in Nigeria. The country faces challenges with street crime and safety issues. Snatching of phones is a daily occurrence on streets, buses and traffic spots across the nation’s urban areas. Further, with Nigeria’s unreliable electricity and tendency for voltage fluctuations, electronic device damage is also a common hazard.

All this underscores the reason more Nigerians seek out phone insurance plans. To protect their valuable communication and digital lifelines against unforeseen incidents.


The phone insurance market in Nigeria has witnessed increasing interest from major players in the extended warranty and specialty insurance category. Some of the top providers include:

  1. AXA Mansard: Offers specialized mobile phone insurance under their personal gadget cover category.
  2. Leadway: Has an electronic equipment insurance product that includes mobile phones.
  3. AIICO Insurance: Provides flexible plans covering a range of devices including phones, iPads, laptops etc.
  4. Old Mutual: Also offers specialized mobile phone insurance policies.
  5. Samsung Care+: Samsung’s own insurance product offering repair services and replacements for Galaxy devices.
  6. AppleCare+: protects iPhone and iPad devices with a mix of support services, warranties and phone replacement options

In addition, most Nigerian banks have tie-ups with insurance companies to provide coverage products for customers. For instance, First Bank has a mobile phone insurance bundle powered by Leadway. UBA partnered with AXA Mansard to offer phone insurance to its debit and credit cardholders.


Most phone insurance packages have provisions to cover some or all of the following:

  • Accidental Damage: Protects against cracked screens, water/liquid damage, drops etc. Some may specify maximum number of damage incidents per year.
  • Theft: Provides coverage for lost or stolen devices. Requires filing police report in most cases.
  • Mechanical/Electrical Breakdown: Covers factory defects or issues like battery failure – especially for phones still under the standard 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Unauthorized Calls: Protects against financial loss from unauthorized use in cases of theft and loss (requires reporting lost phone).

While a basic level of coverage is usually standard, higher premium packages offer protections like data retrieval and equipment replacement guarantees. Always check policy documents closely to determine what’s covered by your selected phone insurance plan before purchasing.


Phone insurance premiums vary across providers and depend on factors like:

  • Device model (flagship/high-end/mid range/budget etc)
  • Coverage type (basic, premium/VIP packages)
  • Claim limits (max incidents per year etc)

Indicative costs for popular phone brands:

  • iPhone: Between ₦20,000 to ₦80,000 per year
  • Samsung S22 Series: Around ₦40,000 to ₦75,000 per annum
  • Tecno/Infinix/Oppo: From ₦15,000 to ₦45,000 annually

Some plans charge flat rates while others price as percentage of phone value (2.5 – 5%). Always get comprehensive quotes before deciding.

Also, most insurers now offer monthly pricing, allowing easier payment instead of big one-time premiums. Ultimately costs equate to between 5% to 15% of device value – so make sure your mobile phone is worth protecting!


Here are useful tips to get the most appropriate phone insurance in Nigeria:

  • Read through available policy documents in detail first. Check covered perils and general exclusions.
  • Know deductibles, limits and replacement value. This determines real cost in case you claim.
  • Enquire about fast-track claim settlement and cashless repair assurances for more convenience.
  • Bundle with home contents or electronic equipment insurance for easier management.
  • For corporate policies see if you can get group/custom premium and multi-user discounts.
  • When unsure, get a second opinion. Ask colleagues about their own experiences before deciding.


Ultimately this depends on your own risk appetite and the value you place on continued, uninterrupted access to your phone. Replacing a stolen or damaged smartphone often costs between half to full price of a new device. Self-insurance only makes sense if you can absorb and manage such costs comfortably.

For many Nigerians, paying a small fraction as insurance premium gives worthwhile peace of mind. And allows them to use devices more confidently knowing they have expert fallback support. When phone replacement costs will otherwise lead to significant financial stress, phone insurance provides clear utility.

Those traveling frequently or living in risky security environments also tend to see higher inherent value. With theft and damage ever-present dangers, the premiums pale compared to costs of constant replacements.

Ultimately insuring mobile phones makes the most sense when replacement costs or temporary loss would genuinely impact livelihoods and basic communication. For high-end devices, insurance also safeguards status investments many Nigerians make to own coveted luxury brands like iPhone or Samsung. If your smartphone plays an indispensable role, phone insurance merits consideration in Nigeria.

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