Guide on How to Claim Life Insurance Benefits in Nigeria

This article provides a step-by-step guide on claiming life insurance benefits in Nigeria. Include information on required documents and the timeframe for processing claims.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the emotional toll of grief can be so overwhelming.

insurance claim in Nigeria

But when a family member, especially the breadwinner passes away, the financial consequences can be just as devastating.

This is where life insurance comes in – a vital safety net that can provide much-needed financial support during a difficult time.

In Nigeria, life insurance can be a lifeline for many families and individuals, helping to cover funeral expenses, outstanding debts, and everyday living costs.

However, understanding how to claim life insurance benefits can be a daunting task, especially during a time of mourning.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of claiming life insurance benefits in Nigeria, helping you navigate the complex world of insurance policies, claims processing, and benefits payment.

Whether you’re a policyholder, a beneficiary, or simply seeking information, this article aims to empower you with the knowledge you need to secure the financial support you’re entitled to.


Before you begin the claims process, it’s very important that you understand the intricacies of your life insurance policy.

In Nigeria, there are two primary types of life insurance policies: individual and group policies.

Individual policies are personalized coverage plans purchased by individuals, while group policies are offered by employers to their employees as a benefit.

Locating your policy documents is crucial, as they contain vital information such as your policy number, beneficiary details, and coverage scope.

Make sure to keep these documents in a safe and accessible place, as you’ll need them to initiate the claims process.

Familiarizing yourself with key terms in your policy document is also vital.

Understanding what is meant by ‘death benefit’, ‘exclusions’, and other policy-specific terminology will be of help to you if you want to win the claims process with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your insurance company or agent for clarification on any aspects of your policy that are unclear.

Knowing your policy inside out will empower you to make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls during the claims process.

Ensure you take your time to carefully review your policy documents and ask questions – it’s an investment worth making.


Claiming life insurance benefits in Nigeria involves a straightforward, step-by-step process.

Although, it may seem difficult, breaking it down into manageable tasks makes it more accessible.

Here’s a clear roadmap to guide you through the process:


Reach out to your insurance company as soon as possible after the passing of the policyholder. This initial contact is crucial in triggering the claims process.

Be prepared to provide the essential documents, including:

  • Death certificate (issued by the National Population Commission or a hospital)
  • Policy documents (including the policy number and beneficiary details)
  • Proof of identity (such as a national ID card or passport)


After submitting the necessary documents, the insurance company will begin processing your claim.

This stage typically takes a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the claim and the efficiency of the insurance company.

Also you have to be prepared for potential communication with the insurance company during this time, as they may require additional information or clarification.

Again, prompt action and clear communication will ensure a smooth claims process.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your insurance company or agent if you have questions or concerns – they’re there to support you during this challenging time.


Despite the best intentions, claiming life insurance benefits in Nigeria can be a complex and sometimes be a frustrating experience.

Delays, disputes, and misunderstandings can arise, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety.

However, being aware of common challenges and knowing how to address them can make all the difference.


Delays in claim processing are a common challenge that can cause frustration and anxiety.

This can occur due to incomplete documentation, slow communication, or internal processing issues.

To overcome this challenge, it’s essential to ensure all required documents are submitted promptly and in full.

Regular follow-up with the insurance company is also crucial to monitor progress.

If delays persist, consider seeking assistance from the Nigerian Insurance Commission (NAICOM).

Keeping a record of all communication with the insurance company, including dates, times, and details of conversations, can also help resolve issues.


Disputed claims are another challenge that can arise due to policy exclusions, beneficiary disputes, or unclear policy terms.

To address this, carefully review policy documents to understand exclusions and terms.

Seek legal advice if necessary to clarify policy terms or resolve disputes.

Communicate clearly and promptly with the insurance company to resolve disputes.

If disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation, consider mediation or arbitration.


Navigating the claims process can be a challenge due to a lack of understanding, unclear communication, or insufficient support.

To overcome this, take the time to understand your policy and the claims process.

Ask questions and seek guidance from your insurance company, agent, or NAICOM if needed.

Keep a record of all communication and documentation related to the claim.

Consider seeking support from a financial advisor or legal professional if needed.


Lack of supporting documents can also hinder the claims process.

This can occur due to the inability to locate or obtain required documents, such as death certificates or policy documents.

The solution to this, is to keep a secure and accessible record of all policy documents and supporting papers.

Make sure to obtain multiple copies of the death certificate and other required documents.

Consider using a document storage service or safe deposit box to keep important documents secure.


This can also be a major challenge, occurring when the insurance company is reluctant to pay claims or disputes policy terms.

If you want to overcome this, seek legal advice if necessary to understand policy terms and rights.

Communicate clearly and assertively with the insurance company to resolve disputes.

Also consider filing a complaint with NAICOM if the insurance company is not responding to claims or is engaging in unfair practices.



Claiming life insurance benefits requires a supportive network and access to reliable resources.

To help you navigate the process with ease, we’ve compiled a list of additional resources to complement your journey:

  • Nigerian Insurance Commission (NAICOM): The regulatory body overseeing the insurance industry in Nigeria. Contact them for guidance, complaints, or inquiries.
  • Life Insurance Companies in Nigeria: Reach out to your insurance provider or explore other companies like AIICO Insurance, Leadway Assurance, or AXA Mansard Insurance for policy information and support.
  • Insurance Ombudsman: An independent office that resolves insurance-related disputes and provides mediation services.
  • Legal Professionals: Consult with lawyers specializing in insurance law for expert advice and representation.
  • Online Resources: Utilize online platforms, forums, and blogs focused on insurance and financial literacy to stay informed and empowered.


It requires a thoughtful and informed approach to be successful in claiming life insurance benefits in Nigeria.

You only need to understand your policy, know how to navigate the claims process with confidence, and also leverage additional resources.

Remember, life insurance is one of the best safety net that can help alleviate the financial burden of loss, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – celebrating the life of your loved one and building a brighter future.

Don’t let uncertainty and confusion hold you back from receiving the benefits you’re entitled to.

Take control of the claims process, seek guidance when needed, and stay informed about your policy and the resources available to you.

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I am Daniel, a professional financial blogger, an insurance agent and financial adviser. Join me as I unravel and breakdown the mysteries behind insurance policies in Nigeria.

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