Best Supplementary Health Insurance Options in Nigeria (2024)

Having a comprehensive health insurance cover is essential especially with the high cost of quality healthcare in Nigeria. However, the coverage provided by basic health insurance plans is often limited. This is where supplementary health insurance becomes invaluable by covering additional medical expenses.

As the healthcare sector continues to develop in Nigeria, more citizens are opting for supplementary covers to hedge against out-of-pocket spending in case of medical emergencies or procedures not covered by their primary insurer.

health insurance in nigeria

This article explores the top supplementary health insurance options that provide robust additional coverage in 2024.


Supplementary health insurance provides coverage in addition to your basic health insurance plan. It covers medical expenses, procedures and treatment options that your primary insurance may not cover or have very limited coverage for. It helps fill the gaps in coverage.


Basic plans provided by HMOs and companies have low coverage limits and exclusions that can leave you paying very high medical bills in case of major illnesses or accidents. Supplementary insurance helps minimize out-of-pocket healthcare spending.


Below we will look at the alternative health insurance plans available in the country.


This top supplementary health insurance option – Prudential is offered by one of the leading insurance company in the world, Prudential Health. Interestingly, their services are also covered in Nigeria.

The Prudential Health Care Plan provides supplementary insurance tailored specifically for each customer’s needs. How does it work? All you have to do is to pay an additional premium on top of your primary health plan.  Policyholders like you can expand their coverage extensively in these key areas:

  • Specialist Consultations: Access leading specialists like cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists, etc across Nigeria.
  • Cancer Care: Get covered for cancer diagnosis and treatment, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, drugs and tests.
  • Dental Care: Receive quality dental care, including check-ups, fillings, x-rays and complex procedures like root canals, crowns and bridges.
  • Optical Care: Covered for eye tests, glasses, contact lenses and eye surgeries.
  • Vaccinations: Annual vaccinations for adults and children covered, including COVID-19, meningitis, yellow fever, hep B, flu, etc.

The Prudential supplementary plan also covers home nursing, physiotherapy, ABA therapy for autism and special education for kids with learning difficulties. With robust limits like ₦12 million per person annually, it is among the most comprehensive supplementary products in 2024.


The Axa Mansard Health Premium Plus plan is a superior tier option targeted at upper-middle income and HNI clients across Nigeria.

As a supplementary cover to a basic Axa Mansard or other insurer plan, customers can upgrade to enjoy:

Higher overall limits of ₦30 million per person annually

Additional medical services covered like psychiatry, psychotherapy, infertility investigations, bariatric surgery options for weight loss, etc.

Zero co-payments, removing the need to pay part of medical bills

Access to speciality hospitals globally for advanced treatment

The Premium Plus plan also offers extensive health screening tests for early diagnosis, discounted rates for gym membership, bespoke counselling services and home delivery for chronic medications. This insurance plan is ideal for those who want access to top-tier healthcare services in Nigeria and abroad.


Leadway was among the first insurance companies to offer supplementary products in the Nigerian market.

The Leadway MedicFlex plan works as an add-on to basic health policies by plugging gaps in coverage.

Key benefits include:

  • Flexible modules that policyholders can combine to customize coverage
  • MedicFlex Outpatient module: This insurance package covers consultations with various specialists, health screening tests, vaccinations, physiotherapy, antenatal and postnatal care, eye tests and dentistry
  • MedicFlex Maternity module: This plan takes care of all hospital expenses during childbirth whether normal delivery or caesarean section, pre and postnatal care, neonatal treatment, fertility treatment etc.
  • MedicFlex Major Medical module: The MedicFlex Major Medical module is specifically designed for inpatient services like surgeries, accident treatment, cancer care, organ transplants, ambulance services, emergency evacuations overseas

Leadway clients can effectively supplement their existing health insurance as per individual/family needs within an annual limit of ₦15 million per person. This will be possible by mixing and matching MedicFlex modules.


For over 30 years, Hygeia HMO has invested heavily in Nigeria’s health infrastructure via a network of clinics, hospitals and a wide roster of accredited healthcare providers. There are many benefits of paying for the Hygeia Booster Cover on top of your basic Hygeia or other HMO plan. You gain instant access to:

Additional healthcare services not covered in your primary policy

₦15 million annual health coverage per insured person

Zero co-payments or deductibles on all medical bills

Lid on out-of-pocket spending which protects from unexpected healthcare costs

The Booster Cover takes care of treatment for accidents, cancer, surgeries, dialysis, emergency evacuations abroad as well as dental, optical and maternity expenses.

Hygeia clients who want more financial security against rising cost of quality healthcare find great value in the Booster plan.


Some other supplemental health insurance options to consider in the Nigerian market include:

  • Allianz Care Pro: This supplementary health insurance provides international quality care locally via Allianz’s network while also covering foreign treatment up to $250,000 annually.
  • Sanlam SmartHealth International Plan: This is a tailor-made top-up product from South African insurer Sanlam. This product is offered for each client with care management services included.
  • MetroPlus Shield from Healthcare International: Has no sub-limits and covers pre-existing conditions, cancer, renal dialysis, HIV treatment etc.


Looking for robust additional coverage to strengthen your health insurance safety net in Nigeria?  Do you want to gain access to quality local and foreign hospitals?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the supplementary health insurance plans highlighted in this article are your best bet in 2024.

Companies like Prudential, Axa Mansard, Leadway and Hygeia HMO outlined here provide the extra layer of financial protection and wealth preservation your family needs through superior coverage limits, fewer exclusions and excellent healthcare service guarantees.

Reach out to them or your insurance advisor to secure the ideal supplementary plan that fits your budget today.

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